Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Subversion: MKCOL of '...' 405 Method Not Allowed

I was messing with the .svn/entries file in one of my local working copy folders, also I rm -rf a folder and regenerated again (I'm using symfony admin generator) , long story, but the fact is that I think I screwed up something and started to get this error when trying to commit:

# svn commit -m "backend modifications"
Adding apps/backend/modules/comment
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: MKCOL of '/projects/cms/!svn/wrk/5ca09002-f34f-0410-890e-9511925f86a5/trunk/apps/backend/modules/comment': 405 Method Not Allowed (

After some googling, I found it could be some proxy problem, but I wasn't using a proxy. Later I found that this error could mean that
the directory already existed in the repository and couldn't be recreated again, so my next step was to delete the folder from the repository (svn del ...) and try to do a fresh commit after recreating the folder and files included in it, and this worked ;).

I hope this helps some lost soul out there.


Fran said...

It did help.

I got the the same error when using svn import to import my first project to GoogleCode.

The trunk, branches, and tags directories were in my local directory.

I figured that the error was probably generated because trunk already existed; but thought I'd better Google it just in case.

And here you are with my validation and answer. Thank you! :D (A double check with svn list .... for my project's googlecode url showed that they indeed were already present.)

E said...

Thanks man!!

MisledIndian said...
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Jason said...

Thanks so much! I'd probably still be beating my head about it if not for the article.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from me also!

Anonymous said...

A soul was saved here too :) thanks

Jesús Virseda Jerez said...

You can update before commit, it's easier.However, thank you, your post have helped me ! ! ;)

surfer said...

I'm having the same issue with my subversion setup. Only when I add some projects I get this problem. Can someone tell me how can I fix this.

Setup - Client
Windows XP

Ubuntu 10

Please tell me how can I fix this.

merne said...

thanks, just solved my little problem ;-)

Yuriy S said...

Thanks much, just what i needed

kokonda said...

We got a similar error.
E175002: PROPFIND request on '/svndoc/install/trunk' failed: 405 Method Not Allowed.

Use svn info to see the url:
URL: http://localhost:80/svndoc/
Here the url is wrong or old, because from Apache server the httpd.conf is actually:
Location /svn/svndoc .
previously it was Location /svndoc.
Then to solve the problem we have to switch to the correct url.
svn switch --relocate http://localhost:80/svndoc/trunk http://localhost:80/svn/svndoc/trunk

And now we can commit the change again.