Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to solve no sound in flash videos ( fedora )

After installing flash-plugin- rpm I just got the flash plugin in my firefox but didn't get any sound. Googling about it I found a solution that worked, you need to install libflashsupport rpm, restart firefox and that's it:

just type this:

yum install libflashsupport

I guess this may work in other red hat based distros.

Monday, September 08, 2008

PHP Fatal error: Class 'DomDocument' not found in ...

After running symfony propel-build-all on a new symfony installation got this error. The solution is to install the php-xml rpm (deb).

[root@devel2 cms]# symfony propel-build-all
>> schema converting "/home/sfprojects/cm...lugin/config/schema.yml" to XML
>> schema putting /home/sfprojects/cms/pl...erated-sfGuardPlugin-schema.xml
>> file+ config/generated-sfGuardPlugin-schema.xml
>> file- /home/sfprojects/cms/plugins/sf...erated-sfGuardPlugin-schema.xml
Buildfile: /usr/share/pear/symfony/vendor/propel-generator/build.xml
[resolvepath] Resolved /home/sfprojects/cms/config to /home/sfprojects/cms/config

propel-project-builder > check-project-or-dir-set:

propel-project-builder > check-project-set:

propel-project-builder > set-project-dir:

propel-project-builder > check-buildprops-exists:

propel-project-builder > check-buildprops-for-propel-gen:

propel-project-builder > check-buildprops:

propel-project-builder > configure:
[echo] Loading project-specific props from /home/sfprojects/cms/config/propel.ini
[property] Loading /home/sfprojects/cms/config/propel.ini

propel-project-builder > om:
[phing] Calling Buildfile '/usr/share/pear/symfony/vendor/propel-generator/build-propel.xml' with target 'om'
[property] Loading /usr/share/pear/symfony/vendor/propel-generator/./

propel > check-run-only-on-schema-change:

propel > om-check:

propel > om:
[echo] +------------------------------------------+
[echo] | |
[echo] | Generating Peer-based Object Model for |
[echo] | YOUR Propel project! (NEW OM BUILDERS)! |
[echo] | |
[echo] +------------------------------------------+
[phingcall] Calling Buildfile '/usr/share/pear/symfony/vendor/propel-generator/build-propel.xml' with target 'om-template'
[property] Loading /usr/share/pear/symfony/vendor/propel-generator/./

propel > om-template:
[propel-om] Target database type: mysql
[propel-om] Target package: lib.model
[propel-om] Using template path: /usr/share/pear/symfony/vendor/propel-generator/templates
[propel-om] Output directory: /home/sfprojects/cms
[propel-om] Processing: schema.xml
PHP Fatal error: Class 'DomDocument' not found in /usr/share/pear/symfony/vendor/propel-generator/classes/propel/phing/AbstractPropelDataModelTask.php on line 406