Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Firefox 2.0 cool tip for recovering closed tabs

Firefox 2.0 has a nice command to recover a closed tab. In case you have accidentally closed a tab , just press ctrl+ shift+ t , and it will get back the tab. Very useful for people that have a lot of open tabs at the time (just like me).

Postgres 8.2 has been released

Postgres 8.2 is now on the streets. New features have been added:

-- Higher performance (+20% on OLTP tests)
-- Improved Warm standby databases
-- Online index builds
-- SQL2003 aggregates
-- Improved TSearch2 with Generalized Inverted Indexes
-- Support for DTrace probes
-- Advisory Locks
-- New ISN/ISBN and pgCrypto modules
-- Selective pg_dump options

Check this link for more info: