Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vista Blue Screen of Death: STOP: 0x0000008E

The famous blue screen of death attacked me again (previous bsod), this time on Vista, on my Dell inspiron 1520. It's very annoying that you have to deal with this kind of errors on a laptop recently bought. This error started to display a few seconds after logging in to the user account and with no clear reason of what could be the trigger of the error.

The solution this time actually had nothing to do (directly) with Windows Vista but with the laptop BIOS, and the solution came from the dell support site, the error itself suggested to update the BIOS , but I don't pay too much attention to this general error messages. If you're having this same problem you could go and follow this check list from dell, the BIOS upgrade was the second suggestion for a BSOF error and this was the one that worked for me, the file to do this is in the "Drivers and Downloads" section and you can select between all the different models.


Anonymous said...

hello carlos.

I am experiencing the same problem with my new dell laptop as well. Bluescreens happen quite frequently. So are you still having the same problem til now? how are you handling/handled the problem? Thanks.

Carlos said...

Hello, I haven't had this problem since then, I guess the BIOS update solved the problem.

Anonymous said...

start in safe mode and do a system restore
dell suck!
i know i have one!