Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Capifony: Send an email after deployment

First, thanks to @cordoval at the #symfony channel for suggesting me to use a symfony2 command to do this.

To use this command you must have the SwiftmailerBundle enabled. More info here.

This is a simple Symfony2 command to send an email, you should add it to a "Command" directory inside your bundle and replace the namespace to fit your project bundle:

The email body is just "test" but you can probably modified it you need to.

Test the new command by running the following:

php app/console capifony:sendemail emailfrom@server.com emailto@server.com subject

Finally, this task will run the capifony:sendemail command after the deployment is complete, be sure to add it to your Capifony script:

Want to learn more about Symfony2 console/command-line commands?




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