Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Firefox Toolbars are blank !

For some unknown reason my web developer and delicious firefox toobars disappeared, I could see the space where they used to be but no icons or anything was there. I tried with the view toolbars menu , checking and unchecking to hide and show them, but that didn't work. Finally I found the solution, firefox have an option called firefox safemode which allows us to troubleshoot some problems (like this one), all you have to do is:

1. Close any running intance of firefox.
2. Type this command :

firefox -safe-mode

For more info for different OSs check here
3. Then check the box for "Reset toolbars and controls"

4. Click on "Make changes and restart"

That's it... your toolbar icons should appear again.


Greg Estep said...

Thanks for blogging this tip. It just saved my Web Devloper Toolbar!

I had long since forgotten about the FF safe mode. said...

Thanks from me too. Got Delicious and Web Developer Toolbars back to normal now.

Viagra said...

Thanks so much for posting this tutorial!

Jessica Alba said...

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