Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beryl 0.2.0 + nvidia + Xinerama + Ubuntu (Edgy Eft)

I recently installed Ubuntu (Edgy Eft) on my home desktop. I wanted to try the Beryl window manager because of all the eye candy effects: 3d workspaces, window thumbnails, etc.

Beryl has a lot of plugins that you can play with, some of them are maybe very experimental but I think this project will be big in the future. I haven't seen much about Vista aero but I think, Beryl has to nothing to envy. Mac users would say "deja vu" but this is linux, free and open source and surely it will become something very interesting.

I must say that I thought the process of installing Beryl would be very frustrating (it's just 0.2.0 version), but it just run flawlessly at the first try (following this how-to wiki ). Now I use Beryl as the default window manager, it's running smoothly so far. I think it's all about the video card and the driver, I have an nvidia GeForce 6200 using this driver and also with it you can easily set the dual monitor configuration ( Xinerama ).

I tried to capture my two screens using Xvidcap but to get a decent frame rate all I could capture was a 40 x 40 pixels frame of the screen :(. Instead I used my camera pointing to one monitor and this is what I got:

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