Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My favorite firefox extensions

You cant stop using firefox once you try it, and extensions takes part of it, here are a list of my favorite firefox extensions, (i picked the ones that i most use from the whole installed):

- Smoothwheel : if you have a scroll mouse wheel it improves the default page movement.

- Stambleupon : useful if you want random links from something that you are insterested in, the links are ranked by users votes .

- All in one gestures : gathers tools for navigating using your mouse, for example if you want to open a new tab, just drag your mouse up and a new tab is open, drag your mouse left and make a history back, and so on.

- Web developer : as it says , when you're developing web app this package provides tools for debug, so you can show forms hidden elements values and allowing to change them, populate forms fields for testing, chage css of a page on the fly (in the client side), view source with a clik, etc , etc.

- Tamper data: Allows you to see and change http headers .

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